Visit Florida hires Ketchum PR to reach diverse audiences

Visit Florida


Visit Florida is an organization responsible for attracting tourists to the state of Florida to vacation. I read in PR Week an article that discussed how Visit Florida was particularly interested in reaching black and Hispanic consumers. The organization decided this past year that Ketchum was most qualified to assist them with this task. Florida will celebrate an important milestone in 2013: the 500th anniversary of its discovery. Visit Florida dubbed this the right time to step up their communication efforts and target a couple audiences that have been harder to reach.

Their Diverse Markets

African-American consumers make up 14 percent of the U.S. market total and represent a mere 9 percent of total trips in the country. People take about two to three trips a year. This diverse traveler segment spends around $133 daily and stays a little less than an average of five nights in Florida.

A slightly larger segment, but still in need of more outreach, is made up of Hispanic-Americans. This diverse group makes up 15 percent of the total U.S. market and represents approximately 10 percent of total trips taken in the country. These travelers come in an average group size of between two and three people while spending about $143 each day of their visit to Florida. Like the African-American consumer segment, Hispanic-Americans tend to stay nearly five nights per trip.

The Tactics

Ketchum used a few tactics to target these two diverse groups, including specific media pitching, guerilla campaigns and satellite media tours of the top Florida tourist attractions.

The targeted media pitching promoted activities with corresponding “ideal” prices. These prices fell around or under the average amount each group was willing to spend daily while on vacation. It also brought attention to hotels that offered specials on five-night stays.

The guerilla campaigns were geared towards finding out what else these specific groups were looking for while on vacation and asking them what the state of Florida could add to vacation zones to better accommodate and attract each group.

The satellite media tours were designed to show the relaxing beaches and unique attractions Florida has to offer and helped distinguish Florida from other possible destinations. Cameras were shot from high points around the state to capture full and visually appealing views making the area look attractive in pictures and online video footage. This tactic was used to spur interest in possible travelers and draw them to the Florida area.

Hope for the Future

Ketchum hopes the combination of these targeted tactics will help attract both the African-American and Hispanic-American groups to the state of Florida as a vacation destination. The 500-year anniversary of the state proves to be a PR opportunity Ketchum expects to fully take advantage of.


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